Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Hey. It's me.

Hey all.

It's been a while.

I took a long break, and this isn't necessarily me coming back but ... I'm thinking about it, but some things have changed while I've been gone, and I need to clear some stuff up.

My name is Annaia Cedric Danvers, and I am the founder of Bedroom Wall Press. A.C. for short, most likely, on any future published books.

You can think of the old one as a pen-name I wore for a while before I felt comfortable publishing in my own name. The old books will likely stay printed with the old name for now as I really am not anymore equipped to easily issue a reprint.

Whether the BWP label itself will be revived, I don't yet know, but I felt it important to clarify this and my credit on my books in the future as I've started to float my name out there a bit for possible work.

One of those places is on this fantastic list of queer creators in the tabletop industry, which you should go check out immediately and buy everyone's stuff and then hire them to make more.

Thanks for your time,


  1. Welcome back to the blogosphere!

  2. Glad to "see" you back, A.C.!!

  3. Welcome back.

    I'd love to see a revival of BWP, especially Hulks and Horrors!