Friday, June 28, 2013

A sample Arcana Rising character.

As the character creation chapters for Arcana Rising are now complete, I have the wondrous pleasure of being able to make an actual character for the game. So, for the sake of offering a little sneak preview, here's a wizard I made for the game as a test of the system.

Jason Aldous

STR 12
DEX 13 (+1 Ranged To-hit)
INT 14
WIS 11 (+1 Will)
CHA 10

Melee To-hit: +0
Ranged To-hit: +1
Hit Dice: 1d6
Saving Throws: +1 WIS
Will: 4
Hit Points: 5
Massive Damage: 8
Armor Class: 9

Abilities: Wizardry, Spell Memorization, Wizard's Staff
Weapons: Short Blades, Blunt Weapons, Archaic Ranged, Handguns

Education Level: Basic
Day Job: Writer
Skills: Long Arms, Language +1, Arcana +1, Computer +1, Investigation +1, Streetwise +1, Xenotherology +1.
Demand: 16
Income: ₳75/month.

Equipment: Wizard's Staff (1d8, 2H, 2kg), Automatic w/laser sight (handgun, 1d8, 15 shots, +1 to hit, 1kg), Leather Duster (AC9, 3kg), compact car (₳32/month), electronic reader (spellbook, 1kg), cellular phone (1kg), pocket lighter, ₳17 pocket money.

Spells (M for memorized):
Cantrips: Alarm, Circle of Simple Summoning, Haywire, Light (M), Mage Hand (M), See Magic (M)
Level 1: Magic Missile (M, 1d6).

Companion: Twinkle-toes (soulbound planar spider)
HD2d8+2, HP11, TH+1, AC8, S10, I10, M12, 1d8+1 damage

Wrinkles: Abuse of Authority, Poverty, Arcane Dabbling

Monday, June 17, 2013

Pay What You Want for BWP Games!

As a special Midsummer bundle, both of BWP's games, Heaven's Shadow and Hulks and Horrors are available for a limited time as a pay what you want bundle on DriveThruRPG!

Take a look:

I'll be making this bundle available for a limited time through the month of June, so grab it now while you can!