Hulks and Horrors

Hulks and Horrors: Basic Black Edition

We are not alone in the Universe, but we have few friends. As we emerged on the galactic stage, we found a universe stripped bare of sentient life by a great Plague, leaving only the wild beasts and twisted plague horrors wandering the ruined hulks of lost civilizations.

We are the Surveyors. We explore the uncharted sectors of space and hunt these ruins for the treasures they contain and the riches they might bring to what sentient life remains. We are not brave, merely foolhardy and desperate. Those who survive become rich beyond dreams. Very few survive.

Hulks & Horrors is a science-fiction roleplaying game of galactic exploration and adventure for 2 or more players ages 13 and up. Inside you will find:

• Complete rules for characters up to Level 6 and beyond

• 7 character classes: Pilot, Scientist, Soldier, Psyker, Hovering Squid, Omega Reticulan, and Bearman.

• Easy to learn old-school inspired game rules and combat system

• Weapons, armor, and equipment inspired by classic science-fiction

• Spaceship construction and combat rules

• Random tables for creating whole sectors of space

• Loot generation rules

• Dozens of alien monsters as well as guides for designing your own

• Dungeon-mastering advice for sandbox space exploration

• Optional rules for customizing Hulks & Horrors

The Hulks and Horrors Basic Black Edition is available in a portable 6"x9" format in both PDF and Print on Demand from DriveThruRPG.


  1. Nice! I was very sad when the crowdfouding campaign did not work out! Nice to see the game went out anyway. I guess we will see an extended edition someday, right?

  2. I love the game but I have a couple of questions.

    Is there any chance you can add a pdf showing how a sector should look when filled in with routes and systems.

    Also should it be 1d12+6 for system in a sector and not 2d12+6? I say this as there are only 18 spaces on the sector list sheet and it seems to make more sense.

    Should it be 1d10 twice to determine the co-ordinates and not 1d20?

  3. I was actually planning on rolling up a sector of my own this week sometime now that classes are over, so I could probably see about uploading something, stay tuned.

    And note that it's 2d12H+6, not 2d12+6, which means you do roll 2d12 but you only take the highest of the two dice.

    As for the second statement, you are correct. I have absolutely no idea in hell how that mistake slipped through. I am deeply ashamed and shall commit seppuku at once.

  4. Thanks for the clarification. I missed the H on first reading.

    Are there any plans to expand the game with art and stuff?

    And please, don't commit seppuku or we wont get any more great games from you. Which would be a tragedy.

  5. There are, eventually. I want to let Basic Black stand on it's own for a little while, at least, but I do have ideas and plans already for a revised and illustrated version, which will probably be funded via Kickstarter. I just don't want to rush to that too soon and have people left feeling like they've bought into an obsolete game.

  6. Just in case you missed it, I posted a link to a sample sector on the front page, and will shortly link it in downloads as well.

  7. I had a great time running H&H last weekend on Google Hangouts with Roll20, and I wanted to say thanks for a great game. After playing the previous weekend's Pathfinder games (and making a 15th level character) The H&H rules are magnificently simple and easy.

    My premise was an exploration of a hulk, so the various other rolls and tables leading to that point I only read and did not use, but the population of the various chambers of the ship went really well using the provided tables and monsters. A massive haul of gold and a hard light shiv and a few dozen vacuum preserved enemies later, and the ship was theirs for the taking.

    I am looking forward to ongoing support and editions, but I will continue to enjoy the game in any case. Thanks.

  8. Glad to hear it! I hope it will continue to provide many hours of enjoyment.

  9. A marvellous game. Thoroughly enjoyed. I'm playing campaigns of this with my group over in Western Australia.

  10. Just learned about this yesterday when I signed up to play it at Gary Con. Grabbed a copy from RPGNow, and now I am really looking forward to playing. Nice job!