Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Achievement Unlocked: Writing Complete

Welcome back everyone, I hope you had a fine holiday break!

I've been back to work on Heaven's Shadow after taking some vacation time myself, and I'm pleased to announce that with the conclusion of the mission hook section, principal writing on Heaven's Shadow is now complete!

I've also been doing some preliminary work on layout, having found some excellent fonts to work with from Mr. Igino Marini, and shortly I'll begin work making adjustments to the pages and such to eliminate orphaned paragraphs and the like.

I've also discovered a unique perk of using Google Wallet that should be good news for pre-order buyers.  Because Google Wallet requires a Google account, this also means that all purchasers are thus automatically Google Drive users.  This means that rather than dealing with an annoying password for your purchases, I can simply share the docs with your Google accounts via Drive, giving a conveniently secure download link.  It'll even enable me to quickly and easily make updates to the digital versions of the book, should that become necessary in the future, and track multiple versions of the files.

I look forward to seeing the book in more hands, and I'll be putting together a little playtest group of my own soon via IRC, so I'm looking forward to playing the game I've worked so hard on for the last two months.

Friday, December 21, 2012

New update for IGG

I've posted a new update to the IndieGoGo campaign page.

You can find the full text of it after the break, but the relevant bit for followers of the blog that hasn't been discussed previously is that I've cut the sample mission in the book, and am working to replace it with a series of short mission hooks instead.  I felt this would provide a broader spectrum of useful material per page, and give me something to replace what was frankly turning out to be a disappointing adventure piece.

IRC Q&A, and open call for interviewers.

Hello folks!

I was reminded recently of the Q&A I did last month for the IndieGoGo campaign for Heaven's Shadow, and thought folks might be interested in giving a read to the log.

You can find it here.

I'd also like to submit that I am open for interviews any time, and I'd love the chance to talk Heaven's Shadow on your podcasts and blog sites and the like. Drop me a line on Google+, and we'll get something arranged.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pre-orders are live!

You may now place pre-orders for the digital edition of Heaven's Shadow!

At the bottom of the Heaven's Shadow page there is now a Google Wallet buy-now link for placing a pre-order for the PDF or EPUB version of the book.

The book is on track still to release in January of 2013, at which point I'll deliver the files as password-protected compressed archives, the passwords to which will be delivered as part of your purchase.  There will be no other form of DRM attached to the downloads as I don't really believe in that kind of thing, and besides which, I'd honestly be rather flattered to be pirated at this point.  I could certainly stand to see the book in more hands.

So, if you missed your chance to get in on the IndieGoGo campaign, or you bought in but want to spread it around to your friends, now's your chance to get in early.  Once the book is released it will be available on our DTRPG page as well for those who'd prefer to wait.

I hope you won't though.  It's cold and I'm tired of eating potatoes.

Drums of War

A little afternoon fun for you folks who are fans of massively multiplayer games.

My first public project was a little game called Drums of War, based on a certain exceedingly popular fantasy MMO.  I thought about making a page for it here at BWP, but felt for legal reasons it was probably better not to.

What I will do though, is link you to the Wiki page, which has downloads for the game, errata, and even a house rule or two uploaded by fans.

Check it out here: DoW Wiki

On the Heaven's Shadow front, I've confirmed with DTRPG that it is allowed under an exclusive license for me to sell the game directly from my site, which would allow me to set up a pre-order page provided I can find a good means of handling the transactions.  Stay tuned!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Heaven's Shadow cover preview.

Since I now have this new platform from which to post that is far less limited than the IndieGoGo campaign page, I thought it would be a good time to share the cover design for Heaven's Shadow.  It's a simple layout, but hopefully an evocative one.

It's designed to evoke a Bible cover, thus the simple leather texture backdrop and embossed gold text.  The center logo is sometimes called the "Umbra Caeli" after the Latin, and is the logo of ICON, the Interfaith Commission on Nephilim, a US-based Agency.

Thanks to Sam Drost for logo layout help, the long since late Guillaume Rouille for the original portrait of Shem, as well as Jenna R. for the leather texture.

Greetings everyone!

Greetings everyone, and welcome to the new home of Bedroom Wall Press on the web. Bedroom Wall Press is the new personal imprint of John S. Berry III, author and game designer. There's not a lot here at the moment, but in the very near future it will become the new source of news and information on Heaven's Shadow, Hulks and Horrors, and any other games from John and friends.

Add us to your RSS feeds and your blogrolls and we'll keep you up to date on the latest BWP news!