Monday, March 11, 2013

We're #1! (And #4!)

One day.

One day Hulks and Horrors has been on the market, and already, you folks have spoken loud and clear that this is a thing you want to see, and as a result, Hulks and Horrors is now the #1 hottest Sci-Fi product on DriveThruRPG, and the #4 hottest older edition product, beaten only by Keep on the fricking Borderlands and the original Basic/Expert sets themselves! 

I am overwhelmed by the result. Just utterly stunned. And also, I'll admit, suddenly a little nervous because suddenly my little game has gotten on the radar in a big way.

As such, a few revisions are in order. It's been pointed out to me that I neglected to include a reference to the SRD in the OGL notice in the back, and this was not entirely intentional, and will be corrected shortly. And despite really wanting to keep it, I think it will be advisable as well to switch to the alternate term I devise for THAC0 as well. I think the usage is defensible (acronyms aren't copyrightable as I understand it), but I also think the sudden attention means I don't feel like waiting for a C&D from Wizards and having to actually fight it.

Fortunately, I came prepared for this eventuality, and thus I introduce TAAC0! No longer just a delicious south-of-the-border lunch option, TAAC0 stands for "To Attack Armor Class 0," and will be the new term going forward. It also has the advantage of removing any ambiguity or confusion when converting from older editions.  I'll be uploading a version of the file with this change and the license correction in the next day or so, which means all you folks who've bought print copies now have a "rare misprint edition!" Perhaps some day you can sell it on eBay for maybe 2, 3 bucks more than you paid for it!

Also, I've gotten some feedback regarding the Daredevil ability for Pilots. There seems to be some confusion as to how it works, and its intended usage. The Daredevil rule as written is intended to be used for non-combat situations (and is indicated as such), and so the "take lowest" rule works fine here. It was intended more for stuff like "flying through box canyons" or "threading the needle through an asteroid hole", than use in actual ship-to-ship combat. However, for those who want Pilots to have a little more punch in the ship combat department vs. their NPC enemies, you may want to consider allowing it in combat, and for this you may want to revise the rule to simply "take either", to reduce the risk that a successful roll might beat the stat, but not the opposing roll and thus still fail.  I'll be including this variant rule in the upcoming free FTL supplement.

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