Tuesday, March 19, 2013

By request: Sample sector map.

Ask, and ye shall recieve.

A commenter on the Hulks and Horrors page asked if I might share a sample result of the sector map generation in action. The process can seem a little opaque on first glance, so it may be helpful for some folks to see what a finished result looks like. The following link is a PDF scanned from one of my own sectors, Korathraz. One of the first sectors charted by the Hovering Squid, Korathraz is notable more for historical value than its actual claim value as you can see by its VR, but perhaps there are still great riches to be found there all the same.


My apologies for the low quality, the scanner I have access to had extremely limited control over the quality of the results, as well as for my handwriting, which makes doctors' look legible.  But it should be enough to give you an idea how it works and what sort of results it aims to produce.

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