Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hulks and Horrors finally back in print!

At long last, and with some help from +Scott Holden who graciously got my shipping upgraded, I have received the latest proof for Hulks and Horrors, and it is once again back in print!

As recompense to those who were unable to buy it during the launch sale, everyone who downloaded or purchased the PDF and has their DTRPG account set to receive discount emails has been sent a discount link to pick up the print version at the original launch sale price.

For those who haven't grabbed it yet, now is the time to do so, the discount link will expire on the 31st, so check your emails!

I've also updated the PDF version to fix the D10/D20 confusion in the system generation. System coordinates are meant to be rolled on a d10, not a d20. There were plans to boost the numbers to d20 in development, but the 20x20 grid would be too cramped in the 6x9 page format, and somehow the text never got properly reverted. My sincere apologies on the error, and on the fact that I didn't catch it in time for this latest revised print version. It is hoped, however, that this is the only such errata remaining.

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  1. Hey John. Have you considered putting together a pdf form pack for H&H ideal for booklet printing? Create a mock Galactic Guild of Surveyors front and back cover, and a new page for a character image, ship image, and Notes, and you'd have 8 pages in the dossier total; perfect for a booklet.