Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Arcana Rising Status Update

Hey folks, long time no see!

I've been silent on the official blog for a while, because I'd been quite furiously hacking away at my keyboard, but the result of this prolonged silence is that the first draft of Arcana Rising is now done, and has been delivered to playtesters and Kickstarter backers!

I'll be continuing to work on cleaning the whole thing up, and putting together layout and art over the coming weeks, and so I hope to have some more fun stuff to show you soon.


  1. This might be too soon, but how long do you estimate till the game will get a general release?

  2. I'm not quite committed to a specific date yet, but my goal is to start shipping out copies to backers at around Halloween, with the public release going live around the time I have a copy in my hand and can confirm it's printed properly.