Friday, June 28, 2013

A sample Arcana Rising character.

As the character creation chapters for Arcana Rising are now complete, I have the wondrous pleasure of being able to make an actual character for the game. So, for the sake of offering a little sneak preview, here's a wizard I made for the game as a test of the system.

Jason Aldous

STR 12
DEX 13 (+1 Ranged To-hit)
INT 14
WIS 11 (+1 Will)
CHA 10

Melee To-hit: +0
Ranged To-hit: +1
Hit Dice: 1d6
Saving Throws: +1 WIS
Will: 4
Hit Points: 5
Massive Damage: 8
Armor Class: 9

Abilities: Wizardry, Spell Memorization, Wizard's Staff
Weapons: Short Blades, Blunt Weapons, Archaic Ranged, Handguns

Education Level: Basic
Day Job: Writer
Skills: Long Arms, Language +1, Arcana +1, Computer +1, Investigation +1, Streetwise +1, Xenotherology +1.
Demand: 16
Income: ₳75/month.

Equipment: Wizard's Staff (1d8, 2H, 2kg), Automatic w/laser sight (handgun, 1d8, 15 shots, +1 to hit, 1kg), Leather Duster (AC9, 3kg), compact car (₳32/month), electronic reader (spellbook, 1kg), cellular phone (1kg), pocket lighter, ₳17 pocket money.

Spells (M for memorized):
Cantrips: Alarm, Circle of Simple Summoning, Haywire, Light (M), Mage Hand (M), See Magic (M)
Level 1: Magic Missile (M, 1d6).

Companion: Twinkle-toes (soulbound planar spider)
HD2d8+2, HP11, TH+1, AC8, S10, I10, M12, 1d8+1 damage

Wrinkles: Abuse of Authority, Poverty, Arcane Dabbling


  1. Very cool! I can hardly wait to see more. It is a good thing the Wizard can carry a gun as well.

  2. What is the function of Will, Massive Damage, and Demand? Also, what is Education Level based on? Is it determined randomly?

  3. Will is the spell point pool for Wizards.

    Massive Damage is inspired by a D20 Modern rule. Whenever a character takes more than their MD threshold in a single hit, they must make a CON save or they will by dying.

    Demand is a measure of the amount of the character's time the job consumes. It's basically a stat of its own, that one rolls against any time they have to take time away from work to do the adventuring thing. A failure can cost the character income or even their job.

    Education Level is random, but modified by INT and WIS. It most just determines what day jobs you can take, but you also get some free skills from your education level.