Thursday, May 9, 2013

[Expanding the Game #4] Pepper Pots

A requested companion to the Lords of Time. See if you can recognize who these are supposed to be.

Pepper Pot

Hit Dice: 6D12 (37)
To-Hit: +6
Armor Class: AC-2 (AC2 against energy weapons)
Initiative: 13
Save: 14
Attacks: Death Ray 1 Kill/3d12 (R), Face Grasp 2d12 (M)
# Appearing: 1d3
Behavior: Killer (+4)


The Pepper Pots' origin is shrouded in mystery and conflicting legend, but one thing that isn't is their sheer genocidal malevolence. The appearance of Pepper Pots is no mere monster hunt, but a planet-wide emergency. Their nearly indestructible armored shell, total lack of any emotion other than hatred and bloodlust, and the deadliness of their inbuilt weapons, makes even a single Pepper Pot a threat to entire military batallions. It is believed that the Pepper Pots may possess the capacity for time travel, and their appearance almost always seems to be followed by that of a Lord of Time, their sworn enemies and who some say have waged a war across all of time and space for a span immeasurable by that of non-temporal species.
Death Ray: The Pepper Pot's energy weapon is a lethal and powerful one, and deals 1 Kill of damage to living species, instantly killing any biological lifeform. A successful CON save will reduce this damage to 3d12, and non-biological entities such as robots or androids similarly take only 3d12.
Face Grasp: The Pepper Pot's manipulator arm can grasp the face of a victim, sealing around its face and suffocating it. On a successful grapple, the creature may automatically deal 2d12 damage to the victim per round.
Piperium Armor: The Pot's armor is virtually impenetrable by traditional physical weaponry. It possesses AC-2 against any non-energy based weaponry, attack, or damage source, and ignores the first 5 points of damage from any such assault.

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