Wednesday, May 8, 2013

[Expanding the Game #3] The Lords of Time

Inspired by a certain classic British sci-fi show currently back on the air, and to take a break from bashing my head against this puzzling day job system for Arcana Rising, I've knocked out a fun little treat for fans of the flying blue box and the odd man inside of it, for use in your Hulks and Horrors games.

The Lords of Time are a mysterious race of time travellers, who've popped up from time to time throughout galactic history, though very little is known of them. Travelling through time and space in their dimensionally transcendant TUDORs, and possessed of unique regenerative powers and a knack for the sciences, the Lords have a strange habit of popping up at key points all throughout history.

The rules are far too long, and for some reason refuse to properly format for, a blog post, so you may instead find them at Google Drive.

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