Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hulks and Horrors back in production.

Since some folks have been asking around the interwebs about it, I thought I'd do a post highlighting the news about Hulks and Horrors.

For those unfamiliar, Hulks and Horrors was my previous IndieGoGo project, a gonzo sci-fi old school RPG inspired by a certain very famous RPG.  The premise aims to do what I've always said someone should've done years ago: dump the elves and wizards and lairs of evil overlords, and give me squid aliens and laser pistols and abandoned precursor space stations.

The project brought on board my friend Sam Drost for the layout design, as well as Tim Sievert and Evan Palmer who contributed some fantastic art for the project and were meant to make very much more.

Unfortunately, the IGG campaign failed to fund, but I did get an offer from a publisher of note in the OSR community which I quite gleefully accepted.  His schedule was full for the year so I was forced to put the project on the back burner while I worked out something new I could work on in the short term, which turned into Heaven's Shadow.

The good news though, is that now that Heaven's Shadow is submitted and on the way to the virtual presses, I am once again freed up to begin work again on Hulks and Horrors.  I've been spending the last couple days cleaning up my files and converting them to the far superior Word 2013 format, and I'm negotiating some changes and expansions to the rules with my prospective publisher (all good, I swear, he just wants more stuff!) Once we've hashed things out I'm hoping to get Tim and Evan back on board for art as well, provided they have room in their schedules.

I don't have any dates to offer yet, but rest assured, work is in progress, and I'm looking forward to finally seeing it come to fruition!


  1. Have you thought of trying this on Kickstarter? I'd be keen to support it, but hadn't even heard of it until after the IGG failed. KS seems to generate more buzz/attention.

  2. I desperately wanted to try Kickstarter instead, but there was some kind of mix up with the Amazon Payments system that I've been completely unable to resolve, which is why I went with IGG, as it uses PayPal.

    Basically, I'd like to have done a KS instead, but I just didn't have the option.

  3. It looks like I have finally managed to fix my Amazon Payments account. So I may indeed be able to use KS after all.