Friday, December 21, 2012

New update for IGG

I've posted a new update to the IndieGoGo campaign page.

You can find the full text of it after the break, but the relevant bit for followers of the blog that hasn't been discussed previously is that I've cut the sample mission in the book, and am working to replace it with a series of short mission hooks instead.  I felt this would provide a broader spectrum of useful material per page, and give me something to replace what was frankly turning out to be a disappointing adventure piece.

It has been a few days since the last update, for two reasons.
Reason the first is that I’ve been spending some time on the business side of things. The website is now up, and I’ve even confirmed with DTRPG that the terms of my exclusive contract still allow me to sell my own pre-orders, so there is not a pre-order option for the PDF and EPUB editions on the BWP site, for those who want to pass it along or didn’t get in on the IGG.
Reason the second is that I hit something of a wall with the sample adventure. That wall being, basically, that it sucked. It was 1200 words thus far of pure dullness and I ultimately decided that it would be a waste of pages.
Instead, I’ve excised the offending piece, and will be including a series of short mission hooks themed after each of the ten Paths of Sin. I felt this would be both more interesting to write, and more versatile as a tool for GMs than filling those same pages with only a single adventure.
This does mean I’m down a peg from where I was several days back, but I think it will result in a more fun and useful book.
As there are also some changes and additions to the actual rules material, I’ll also be pushing out a new draft copy of the rules to the Playtest level backers shortly.

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