Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Achievement Unlocked: Writing Complete

Welcome back everyone, I hope you had a fine holiday break!

I've been back to work on Heaven's Shadow after taking some vacation time myself, and I'm pleased to announce that with the conclusion of the mission hook section, principal writing on Heaven's Shadow is now complete!

I've also been doing some preliminary work on layout, having found some excellent fonts to work with from Mr. Igino Marini, and shortly I'll begin work making adjustments to the pages and such to eliminate orphaned paragraphs and the like.

I've also discovered a unique perk of using Google Wallet that should be good news for pre-order buyers.  Because Google Wallet requires a Google account, this also means that all purchasers are thus automatically Google Drive users.  This means that rather than dealing with an annoying password for your purchases, I can simply share the docs with your Google accounts via Drive, giving a conveniently secure download link.  It'll even enable me to quickly and easily make updates to the digital versions of the book, should that become necessary in the future, and track multiple versions of the files.

I look forward to seeing the book in more hands, and I'll be putting together a little playtest group of my own soon via IRC, so I'm looking forward to playing the game I've worked so hard on for the last two months.

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