Friday, February 4, 2022

Availability update

Happy to report that updated versions of all my books with my real name on them are now on DTRPG and

The print versions are unfortunately temporarily out-of-print, while I sort a move and DTRPG's proofing process.

The Github repo has also been taken private. It was never a good solution anyway, they are very cranky about filesizes, and the PDFs are all PWYW anyway. Perhaps someday in the future I'll find a better host for the raw files than just pointing to random Dropbox links, but for now, it's just easier to stick with the PDFs being the "canonical" resource for everyone.

Thanks also to Io Black, who was kind enough to lend his Photoshop skills to getting the cover designs dusted off and updated. Check out his excellent post-Soviet cyberpunk comic, Drugs & Wires.

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