Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hulks and Horrors interview on #rpgnet

Hello everyone!

Progress continues on Hulks and Horrors. I've had a slight set back as I had to switch software in order to get a more consistent layout, but the book is now complete and my next task will be the design of record sheets for characters, sectors, and systems.  After that, a cover design.

I can also confirm a title: the Basic Black Edition. This name evokes one of my other favorite old-school games as well as the size and unadorned nature of this first release.  Hopefully it will be followed by further expansion in times to come, but right now I felt it important to assemble and get it into players' hands the best way that I can: giving it away.

Also, I've just today completed an open interview on the #rpgnet IRC channel conducted by the inestimable Dan Davenport. I lay out the familiar details, discuss some of the feel and inspiration for the work, my attitude towards house ruling and how I've designed H&H to support it, and I even did a little on the fly demonstration of the results of the random system and civilization naming system. Take a look.

Release day approaches soon, and I look forward to it being in player hands!

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